006/14 Adjustment to BWM Convention implementation schedule

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The International Maritime Organization’s governing body, the Assembly, recently adopted Resolution A.1088(22) which adjusts the implementation schedule for the Ballast Water Management (BWM) Convention.

The major changes are that:

• all ships that are in service and under construction at the time that the Convention enters into force are considered to be existing ships

• the BWM Convention renewal survey has been harmonised with the MARPOL IOPP renewal survey

• references to compliance by the next “intermediate or renewal survey” have been changed to compliance by the next “renewal survey”.

The table below shows the adjusted implementation schedule, detailing the dates by which ships will be required to discharge ballast water in compliance with the D-2 discharge standard (i.e., using a ballast water treatment system).

As the Convention cannot be amended before it enters into force, the Resolution only recommends that administrations apply these changes. However once the Convention enters into force it is likely that these changes will quickly be mandated by an amendment to the Convention.

Once the Convention enters into force, all ships will also be required to have on board an approved ballast water management plan and ballast water record book.

The adjusted implementation schedule for compliance with the D-2 discharge standard

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Source: LR Statutory Alert

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