008/16/Gen.Inf. Bunker, Tanker & Wreck Removal Compulsory Liability Insurance Certificates

An Introduction

Have you order Flag State Endorsement on CLCs (P&I Blue Cards) ?

By the present we would like to remind you the requirement of Civil and other Liability Insurance Covers( CLC, BCLC, NWRC ), which are commonly issued on annual basis on mid February and have a validity not exceeding 12 months. The P&I certificates / cover, commonly know as Blue Cards, are to be submitted and verified by the Flag Administration and ships are to carry onboard the relevant certificate issued by the Flag State Administration confirming that the ship is so insured.

Our service?

IMC Group P.C. has been one of the leading companies acting as a mediator for applying to the Flag Administration and issuance of relative CLCs. We have been handling applications for CLC (Cargo 92), BCLC (Bunker 2001), NWRC (Wreck Removal 2014) viaPanama Maritime Administration for vessels flying the Panama Flag , as well as co-operating with various Flag Administrations such as UK, Liberia and Palau handling a large volume of applications for NWRC in early implementation dates and in accordance of Nairobi Convention.

Our key of success; 
We provide a Quality & Professional Service at a Competitive Fee.

For ship owners, brokers and operators time is moneyWe shall be pleased to do the job for you and process on your behalf bunker, tanker and wreck removal compulsory liability insurance certificates at a competitive fee.

Documentary requirements include relative cover / certificate from P&I, known as “blue card” and a copy of vessel’s valid registry certificate.

For requesting a quote please email us, applications are process in date of orderhere

Brief Feedback on Bunker, Damage Liability and Nairobi Wreck Removal Conventions

- Insurance against Liability for Bunker Oil Pollution, Bunker Convention 2001
The Bunkers Convention, 2001 provides that, the registered owner of a ship over 1,000 GRT must maintain insurance (or other financial security) in respect of the shipowner’s liability arising under the Convention. That is preventative measures and pollution damage arising from all types of oil used in the operation or propulsion of ships.
- Insurance against liability for pollution damage,1992 Civil Liability Convention;
The 1992 Civil Liability Convention applies to sea-going ships carrying persistent oil in bulk as cargo. Under the Convention, shipowners of ships carrying more than 2,000 tons of persistent oil in bulk are required to maintain insurance or other financial security to cover their liability.
- NWRC, Nairobi International Convention on Wreck Removal, 2007;
The requirement is to obtain a certificate from a WRC State Party in order to comply withNairobi International Convention on Wreck Removal,which came into force 14 April 2015.
The requirement applies to vessels of 300 gt and greater that are registered in a WRC State Party or call at a port or offshore facility in a WRC State Party. Ships must carry on board a certificate, obtained from the flag that the vessel is registered or from a party issuing NWRC to state that have not signed the Nairobi Convention, attesting that insurance or other financial security is in force in accordance with the Convention.

It is recommended that you provide supporting documents for CLC, BCLC and NWRC in good time if you want to receive your certificates by the time they are due!!


Thank you for your kind attention to the above & Kind Regards,

Eng. Alexandros Spanos
Managing Director

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