015/17/Gen.Inf. IMO council 117th session outcome

The IMO Council held its 117th Session (C117) from Monday 5 through Thursday 8 November 2016 chaired by Mr J Lantz (USA). The meeting focused on issues of governance and good practice in addition to Strategy, Planning and Reform, Resource Management and Budget matters.

A Working Group on the Development of a new strategic framework was formed, chaired by Miss Katy Ware (UK) which subsequently responded back to the Committee. Following is a short report which seeks to highlight the areas more directly relevant to shipping, and in particular, recommendations made by the major IMO Committees to the Council.

IMO member state audit scheme Council:

▪ Noted the progress made in audits for 2016 and 2017;
▪ Invited those Member States that have been audited to authorise the Secretariat for the release of any of the reports and corrective action plans from audits carried out; and,
▪ Invited Member States to designate an individual person, authorised to receive access to Member State audit reports through the GISIS module.

Report of the maritime environmental protection committee (MEPC):

The Chairman of MEPC, Mr Arsenio Dominguez summarised the outcome of MEPC 70 in which he highlighted the most important achievements of the 70th session of his Committee as follows:

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Source: InterManager


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Eng. Dimitrios Nikolaos Spanos
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Member of IRCA, IIMS, ELINT, HELMEPA & Nautical Institute

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