025/16/Tech. Technical Services – Fire Control / Lifesaving Plans and Other Vessels Drawings

Dear Sirs / Ladies

The purpose of the present IMC GROUP P.C. Service Promotion Circular is to introduce to your good company, services provided from our firm, related to elaboration of Fire Control / Lifesaving Plan as well as to other vessel Drawings.


All vessels with keels laid on or after 01 January 2004 are required to use the updated symbols contained in Resolution A.952(23) in their Fire Control Plans. Moreover, for vessels with keels laid before 01 January 2004 shall not be required to revise their Fire Control Plans, provided their shipboard symbols are in compliance with those symbols contained in Resolution A.654(16).

Service Provided

IMC GROUP P.C., having the appropriate Marine Technical Experts/Naval Architects, and having invested in technical software, has been successfully involved in the field of elaboration of Fire Control / Lifesaving Plan, in line with IMO Resolution A.952(23) or Resolution A.654(16).

The main advantages of IMC GROUP P.C., in this field, are:

• Cost Effective Solutions.
• Fast and Straight Forward Procedures.
• No hidden costs.

In addition to the elaboration of Fire Control / Lifesaving Plan, our firm can also elaborate other vessel plans as listed below:

• Capacity Plan
• Damage Control Plan
• Evacuation Plan
• General Arrangement Plan
• Grain Loading manual

Our clients provided with the option to order the requested Vessel Plan / Drawing in any of the following two formats / packages.

AA. “GREEN” Package: Plan / Drawing is provided only in electronic format (PDF).

BB. “BROWN” Package: Plan / Drawing is provided in hard copy (colour printed) and in electronic format (PDF).

We remain at your entire disposition for any clarification you may require and we are looking forward to receive your company’s enquiries.

Thank you & Best Regards,

Eng. Dimitrios Nikolaos Spanos
Principal Maritime Auditor / Lead QMS Auditor
Principal Surveyor / Flag Inspector
Member of IRCA, IIMS, ELINT, HELMEPA & Nautical Institute

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