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Announcement : Manning Certification Services 

Panama Title Endorsement & Competency of Officers, Ratings (CoE)

Our Goal?

Our aim is to provide to ship owners, managers , operators , crew agents and individual officers and ratings with flag state endorsements in a consistent and professional manner at a competitive fee. *

Special fees apply according to volume of applications*

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Why there is a need of a Panama Endorsement?

Crew employed onboard vessels’ flying the Panama flag are required to have valid endorsement on seaman book issued by Panama Maritime Authority establishing their qualifications. This requirement is implemented as per STCW 78/95 and Manila amendments 2010 and MLC 2006.

Control Procedure

-PSC; A PSC officer is dully authorised to verify STCW Endorsement Certificate under the Regulation I/4, paragraph 1.1, of the STCW Convention;

-ASI; Panama surveyor during flag state inspection (Annual Safety inspection -ASI) are required to verify that all crew member hold a valid Panama endorsement;

- ISM Audit & Certification; One of the mots common remark in both internal and external audits;

- Inspection by Third Parties i.e P&I;

Why use IMC Group P.C ?

The process of evaluation, issuance and continous monitor of crew licenses is time consuming and complex.

Let us do it for you at a competitive fee. We will reduce the man-hours required from you so you may concentrate on your core business.

Our human resources hold more than 30 years experience in the field of manning certification.

We trust that our main factors of success are:

▪ We have developed the “know how” over the years (not only in commonly areas of flag state endorsements but we extended our experience to specialised areas such as MODU),
▪ We maintained a fast response and issuing timeframe.

• We have straight forward procedures;

• We do have a competitive fee with No hidden costs;

• We continuously follow up and monitor status of applications and issuance of permanents;

• We have developed an In-house software for monitoring applications and endorsements;

Our team monitors continuously the issuing process to maintain the required timeframe , updates you accordingly.

Procedure & how to apply?

The procedure to obtain a Panama Title endorsement for officers or ratings is straightforward and includes following :

▪ Process begins by filling a simple application form indicating the capacity and type of endorsement required for the applicant;
▪ Submit of application accompanied by supporting documentary requirements (documentary requirements will be provided from our end);
▪ Upon receipt we will immediate evaluate the documents and provide you with quotation and comments, if any;
▪ A Transitory Certificate (CT) is issued with validity of three months. We will send you a digital copy of the CT(s) and thereafter send the original via courier to your office.
▪ Within the timeframe we follow up the process in order the permanent certificate of endorsement to be issued before the CT is expired.
▪ Upon issuance of the permanent certificate original seaman book endorsement is sent to your office via courier.

Normally it will take one working day to issue one or a group of transitory certificate(s) (CT). If urgent, we may provide with copy of the certificates of endorsement the same day, at no extra cost.

According to Panama Maritime Authority Circular MMC-313 “Validity of Colour copies of original documents”, the validity of the copies of the seafarers’ transitional license commonly know as Transitional license (CT) or (CoE) shall have the same validity as its original for a period of no longer than 30 calendar days (thirty) from date of issuance.

To apply or request further details please email us here!

We remain at your entire disposition for any clarification you may require.

Kind Regards,

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