034/15/Stat. Onboard Blending Of Bulk Liquid Cargoes Prohibited

The Maritime Safety Committee of the International Maritime Organization (IMO), at its ninety (90th) session has adopted Resolution MSC.325 (90). The resolution sets out the amendments to the SOLAS Convention that entered into force on 1 January 2014 this new requirement have been added in SOLAS regulation VI/5-2 on the “Carriage of Cargoes”.

Resolution MSC.325 (90) prohibit the physical blending of bulk liquid cargoes during sea voyages (blending while in port is acceptable) on/after 1 January 2014. Physical blending is described as utilizing the ship’s cargo pumps and piping system to circulate onboard two or more different cargoes with the intent to achieve a cargo with a new product designation. Production processes (i.e., deliberate operations whereby a chemical reaction between a ship’s cargo and any other substance or cargo takes place) during sea voyages is also prohibited. This prohibition does not apply to onboard blending and/or processing of cargoes that takes place onboard ships involved with search and exploitation of seabed mineral resources.

Please find attached below Resolution MSC.325 (90) and Resolution A.673 (16):

Resolution MSC.325 (90)

Resolution A.673 (16)

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