040/15/Stat. MMC 207 – Procedures for ISSC Extensions and Additional Verifications

Dear Sirs,

By the present we would like to update you in respect to MMC-207 issued by the Panama Maritime Authority by which the Flag Administration informs that according to the ISPS Code Section 19.1.2 it is established that the verifications of ships shall be carried out by officers of the Administration. This Administration, however, has entrusted the verifications to Recognized Security Organizations (RSOs) referred to in regulation XI-2/1, and listed in Merchant Marine Circular No. 131.

Also, Panama Maritime Authority via MMC-207 updates the instructions and procedures for ISSC Extensions due to special circumstances where any of the Verifications indicated in the Section 19.1.1 Part A of the ISPS Code can not be carried out.

In order to authorize ISSC extensions and Additional verifications, the following documents shall be submitted:

1. Email or letter issued by the RSO indicating the exact date and place where the ISPS Verification will take place.

2. Interim / Short Term ISSC only if the extension requested is due to the Initial Verification.

3. ISPS Intermediate Verification if the same was not submitted before to the Maritime Ships Security Department.

To read the full Merchant Marine Circular MMC-207 please follow the link below:


IMC Group P.C. , under the registration and certification services can guide owners / operators/ managers which have vessels flying the Panama flag or vessels that are to be registered under Panama flag, through the above mentioned procedures and provide with all the necessary documents.

For any clarification you might need please contact us.


Thank you & Best Regards,

Eng. Dimitrios Nikolaos Spanos
Lead Maritime Auditor / Principal Surveyor
Member of IRCA, IIMS, ELINT, HELMEPA & Nautical Institute

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