043/16/Gen.Inf. Fire Control Plans and Lifesaving Symbols


The Republic of the Marshall Islands has issued a Notice which addresses a number of requests received by the Republic of the Marshall Islands (RMI) Maritime Administrator (the “Administrator”) for clarification on its policies regarding the establishment of Fire Control Plans and Lifesaving Plans aboard RMI flagged ships. This Notice includes clarification of the marking of stowage locations revised wording for equipment and arrangements.

The policy of the Administrator is that compliance with Resolution A.760(18) is mandatory for all vessels. Classification Societies and port State control officers have and will continue to check this requirement vigorously. Those vessels that are not in compliance should take appropriate action immediately.

All vessels with keels laid on or after 01 January 2004 are required to use the updated symbols contained in Resolution A.952(23) in their Fire Control Plans. During the plan review process, Classification Societies are to verify compliance with A.952(23).

Vessels with keels laid before 01 January 2004 shall not be required to revise their Fire Control Plans, provided their shipboard symbols are in compliance with those symbols contained in Resolution A.654(16)

The Administrator will expect, however, that IMO Resolution A.952(23)symbols will be in corporated if it becomes necessary, for any reason, to reissue a vessel’s Fire Control Plan

A duplicate set of fire control plans or a booklet containing such plans shall be permanently stored in a prominently marked watertight enclosure outside the deckhouse for the assistance of shore-side fire-fighting personnel.

Marking of Stowage Location of Equipment and Arrangements

The markings of stowage locations of lifesaving equipment and arrangements shall be in accordance with SOLAS III/20.10.

Escape route signs and fire equipment location markings shall be of photoluminescent material or marked by lighting. This is applicable to:
• Passenger Ships, per SOLAS II-2/
• Mobile Offshore Drilling Units, per Chapter 9.4 of the Code for the Construction and Equipment of Mobile Offshore Drilling Units, 2009, as amended; and for
• High Speed Craft, it is recommended where low-location lighting systems are installed, per IMO Circular MSC.1/Circ.1102, Interpretations of the 2000 HSC Code and SOLAS Chapter X, Annex 1, Section 4.7.10.

On cargo ships, the control stations of fixed firefighting systems and portable firefighting equipment, including when they are stowed in lockers or containers, shall correspond to the symbols illustrated in the respective plan(s). The marking, if not of a photoluminescent type, shall be at least in “like color” to that shown in the plan(s)

Click here to view the Marine Notice No.2-011-10

Source: RMI


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