050/15/Tech. Technical Services – Elaboration Of ECDIS Logbook (Rev.22/07/2015)

Dear Sirs / Ladies

July 2015 is a milestone for your tankers over 3000 GT. You MUST have ECDIS fitted by your first survey after this date.

The purpose of the present IMC Group P.C. newsletter is to introduce to your good company, our services related to ECDIS requirements according to IMO’s RESOLUTION MSC.232(82) and RESOLUTION MSC.282(86), with respect to “ECDIS Logbook”.


ECDIS Logbook is a record book that is to be provided onboard in line with the ECDIS requirements and is applicable in all types of vessels. This is a GENERIC Record Book developed in line with IMO Guidelines and common marine practice. This record book is NOT subject to approval, however it may be subject to inspection by all third parties inspecting the vessel.

Having the ECDIS Logbook onboard ensures that Master is having a guidance with respect to ECDIS use on board, all instructions and responsibilities are under detailed description and Passage Planning – Route monitoring instructions are also defined with details.

Service Provided

IMC Group P.C. can arrange following services for your good company’s fleet, in a cost effective manner and with fast and straight forward procedures.

1. Elaboration of ECDIS Logbook in accordance to IMO’s RESOLUTION MSC.232(82) and RESOLUTION MSC.282(86).

2. SMS Update/Compliance: Re-write SMS documentation procedures related to ECDIS.

We remain at your entire disposition for any clarification you may require and we are looking forward to receive your company’s enquiries.

Thank you & Best Regards,

IMC Group P.C.

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