061/16/Gen.Inf. Improving hazard awareness on deck


The Standard P&I Club has issued five posters to help those working at sea to identify hazards and understand how they could escalate into serious incidents. One of these posters focuses on improving hazard awareness on deck and highlights ten key areas of concern.

The Club advises these posters to be used for display on board to remind seafarers to think about safety as a matter of course during their everyday duties. The Club advises operators on deck to be aware of the following hazards:

▪ A shore crane load is dangerously suspended overhead with logs about to fall out of the nail grab
▪ The stevedore operating the crane is reading and not attentive
▪ The stevedore is leaning over excessively to see the cargo operations in the hold
▪ Missing pilot ladder gate
▪ Missing hard hat from one of the figures
▪ Ballast tank deck vent overflowing with water on port side
▪ Oil leaking from nearly full save-all
▪ Porthole open during bunkering operations
▪ Open ballast manhole cover
▪ Empty lifebuoy holder

Please click here to view the posters including explanation of why awareness of each hazard is important for the safety of ship operations on deck

Source & Image Credit: The Standard P&I Club


Thank you & Best Regards,

Eng. Dimitrios Nikolaos Spanos
Principal Maritime Auditor / Lead QMS Auditor
Principal Surveyor / Flag Inspector
Member of IRCA, IIMS, ELINT, HELMEPA & Nautical Institute

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