064/15/Seaf.Cert. Announcement : Seafarers Certification Services Update Panama Title Endorsement (CoE), Recent Updates from PMA Maritime Seafarers Division

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Our aim is to provide to ship owners, managers , operators , crew agents and individual officers and ratings with flag state endorsements in a consistent and professional manner at a competitive fee. *

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Latest Updates from Panama Maritime Authority regarding certificates of endorsement for seafarers onboard vessels flying the Panama flag.

Within our goal and our policy is to provide to interested parties up to date information as per PMA Circulars and international Conventions. From August 2015, PMA has issued following important circulars related to PMA Seafarers Division:

▪ PMA Circular MMC-318: ” Endorsements for Samoa”
▪ PMA Circular MMC-315: ” Special Discount on Seafarers Certification Services”
▪ PMA Circular MMC-313: ” Validity of Colour Copies of Original Documents”

PMA Circular MMC-318: Endorsements for Samoa

Circular MMC-318, dated 14.9.2015, announces that Panama administration will NOT recognize for endorsement the Certificate of Competency (CoC) from Samoa to a NON NATIONAL of this country.

PMA Circular MMC-315: Special Discount on Seafarers Certification Services

Circular MMC-315, announces that as per 01/01/2016 a discount of the fifty percent (50%) in certification services of foreigner seafarers working on board of Panama registered vessels, whose main service is passenger vessels (cruises). Discount is applicable to an economic group maintaining more than ten (10) passenger vessels (cruise) registered on the Panama Merchant Marine.
In addition Panama endorsement of SSO and ECDIS, as from 01/01/2016, will be considered as specialise courses and relevant fee applies.

PMA Circular MMC-315: Validity of Colour Copies of Original Documents

According to Panama Maritime Authority Circular MMC-313 “Validity of Colour copies of original documents”, dated end of May 2015, the validity of the copies of the seafarers’ transitional license commonly know as Transitional license (CT) or provisional seafarer’s certificate of endorsement (CoE) shall have the same validity as its original for a period of no longer than 30 calendar days (thirty) from date of issuance.**

In other words, the digital copy of the Provisional COE (CT) you will receive via email in electronic format soon upon placing seamens’ application will have same validity as its original for a period of 30 days from date of issuance.

Our Services?

Among other maritime consultation services, IMC Group PC provides services directly related to seafarers certification and flag states endorsement. The process of evaluation, issuance and continous monitor of crew licenses is time consuming and complex.

Let us do it for you at a competitive fee. We will reduce the man-hours required from you so you may concentrate on your core business. Contact us today!

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