046/17/Gen.Inf. Oil spill organization updates

USCG has issued bulletin announcing an update to the Response Resource Inventory (RRI) system and the Oil Spill Removal Organization (OSRO) Guidelines.

RRI functions related to the non-floating oil classification are in the process of being updated. Coast Guard previus update originally set November 30, 2016, as the response plan review compliance date for plan holders. That date is extended to ease and facilitate the transition for plan holders, OSROs and other stakeholders.

Effective July 1, 2017, facility and vessel response plan holders who may handle, store, or transport Group V oils shall only list non-floating oil classified OSROs or provide all required information within their response plan in accordance with the regulations.

Currently, the Coast Guard has received six Nonfloating oil applications. Due to the dynamic nature of the RRI update and the application review process, the Coast Guard will notify applicants prior to their evaluation in lieu of the 60-day timeline listed within the OSRO Guidelines.

The Coast Guard says that it will begin assessing Nonfloating oil classification applications in December 2016.

Further details may be found in the bulletin here below

Source : USCG


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