069/17/Gen.Inf. New guidance on LGC Storage Service launched

ABS has issued guidance notes on LGC Storage Service. This Guide is applicable to liquefied gas carriers that may for certain periods be used for storage service while they maintain their appropriate liquefied gas carrier classification.

The Storage Service notation is optional and only applicable when the vessel’s propulsion machinery is also to be retained to AMS classification requirements.

This Guide is intended to cover the requirements specific for LGCs, which serve only in a storage capacity at a single designated location that is berthed alongside a jetty in sheltered waters or at a protected location that enables the unit to quickly move away from a severe weather event.

Storage Service, for the purpose of this Class notation means:

i) Vessel is stationed at a single location, does not transit between ports or different sites and does not carry/discharge cargo between ports or sites.

ii) When the vessel leaves the designated “storage service” location, other than to take refuge from severe weather, the “storage service” provisions provided herein no longer apply.

iii) The vessel is not to transport and discharge liquefied cargo to a port or terminal when taking refuge from weather. It is envisioned that voyages, without cargo, may be necessary for repair works or to a lay-up site when the storage service is seasonal.

iv) The vessel can only depart the designated “storage service” location when it is loaded within the range of approved filling levels.

Mooring, import/export systems and shore-transfer arrangements are the responsibility of the Owner, including compliance with flag and Coastal State requirements.

LGCs built to the satisfaction of the ABS Surveyors to the additional requirements of this Guide, where approved by the Committee for service may be classed and distinguished in the Record by the notation Storage Service inserted after the appropriate liquefied gas carrier notations

Requirements additional to those given in the Guide may be imposed by the flag and Coastal State Administrations with whom the vessel is registered or by the Administration within whose territorial jurisdiction the vessel is intended to operate.

Where modifications are required for the LGC, the plans as required in relevant sections of ABS Rules for Building and Classing Steel Vessels (Steel Vessel Rules), in particular Part 5C, Chapter 8 for Vessels Intended to Carry Liquefied Gases in Bulk and Part 5C, Chapter 12 for Liquefied Gas Carriers with Membrane Tanks, and the IMO International Code for the Construction and Equipment of Ships carrying Liquefied Gases in Bulk (IGC Code) are to be submitted to ABS for review. These include, but are not limited to:

• Cargo operations manual
• Statutory drawings including stability
• Hull structure and equipment foundation
• Boil-off gas management
• Liquefied gas cargo piping and equipment

Additional documents to be submitted for the Storage Service notation are:
• Design Basis as required by Subsection 2/1
• Sloshing Analysis as required by Subsection 2/3

Further details may be found in the guidance below

Source : ABS


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