089/16/Gen.Inf. ,New BW reporting form for California ports


The California State Land Commission’s Marine Invasive Species Program has informed that as of July 1, 2016, it will no longer accept the old U.S. Coast Guard (USCG) Ballast Water Reporting Form. All vessels arriving at California ports should submit the USCG Ballast Water Management Report (BWMR) to the Commission to fulfill reporting requirements.

US Coast Guard’s ballast water management reporting and recordkeeping requirements have been recently amended. The amendments of CFR §§ 151.2060 Reporting Requirements (b) through (f) and 151.2070 Recordkeeping Requirements published Nov. 24, 2015 are effective Feb. 22, 2016. California State Lands Commission, beginning from July 01, 2016, only accepts the new Ballast Water Management Report.

Change the Format of Electronic Reports

Ships making calls at ports and places in the United States must report on one of the Ballast Water Management Reporting Forms described below.

▪ Web App BWMR form : This form allows a vessel to create a free account with the NBIC, including a user name with password protection.
▪ PDF BWMR form: The PDF form contains some pull-down menus and other features to make form completion and submission easier and allows user to choose whether to automatically submit via e-mail (nbic@ballastreport.org) or directly over the Internet by clicking a button inside the form.

Submitting a Ballast Water Management Report to California

Beginning from July 01, 2016, the California State Lands Commission accepts only the new Ballast Water Reporting Report. Forms must be filed with the California State Lands Commission only 24 hours prior to arrival at a California port. The contact details still remain the same (the form should be send via email to bwform@slc.ca.gov fax (562-499-6444), but, the above mentioned Web App BWMR format is not accepted. Instructions on submitting BWM form to California can be provided here.

A copy of the BWM Rreport can be found here.

The most updated version of the management report can be found here.

Source: CA.GOV


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