095/18/Gen.Inf. KVH Videotel launches LNG bunkering training course


KVH Videotel has launched an LNG bunkering training course to help crew and port or terminal staff enable a safe bunkering process. The programme has been developed in response to the increased use of LNG as a bunker fuel.

The program is also based on guidelines from the Society for Gas as a Marine Fuel (SGMF),

SGMF has defined a “Respond Level” of awareness as crucial. This is because, personnel close to bunkering operations must understand the hazards associated with LNG bunkering and be trained in how to respond to emergency situations.

KVH Videotel’s “LNG Bunkering – Respond Level Training Course” covers:

Composition and usage of LNG and potential bunkering methods,
Hazards and consequences for the individual and ship,
Relevant procedures for fighting LNG fires,
Emergency procedures for shipping companies and port authorities

“This training course is invaluable to all crew and port or terminal staff involved with LNG bunkering. Using interactive computer-based training, the five modules take the user through the hazards associated with LNG. The 45-minute programme is packed with photographs, video clips, animations, and interactive exercises to keep the user engaged,” said Mark Woodhead, KVH senior vice president, EMEA.

KVH Videotel recently introduced a maritime training solution called Videotel Performance Manager, in order to help maritime operators ensure that crew are training and performing at their peak.

Source : KVH Videotel


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