102/16/Gen.Inf. BIMCO Concerns over BWMC Implementation

BIMCO is “deeply concerned” that the IMO Ballast Water Convention will enter into force leaving shipowners without treatment systems approved for global use.

Lars Robert Pedersen, Deputy Secretary General at BIMCO said today:

“The shipping industry need no longer speculate on a possible future date for theIMO Ballast Water Convention. It will come into force on 8 September 2017, requiring ships to be fitted with approved treatment systems to prevent the spread of invasive species via ballast water.”

“BIMCO is deeply concerned about the prospect of our members having to install treatment systems now which later may not be approved for use in US waters. This is because the US has not yet approved treatment systems that comply to its own, more stringent, national standards.”

“Shipping will have to invest significantly in the installation of ballast water treatment systems by next September – only to find the investment is wasted if their system does not meet US standards.”

“BIMCO is also concerned that systems approved to the present IMO standards are not robust enough to ensure that systems onboard real ships perform to the regulatory requirements to treat ballast water. “

“We therefore call upon IMO to expedite the revision of their G8 guidelines for approval of ballast water treatment systems.”

Source: BIMCO


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Eng. Dimitrios Nikolaos Spanos
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