134/18/Gen.Inf. Guidance for proper crew accommodation

UK MCA released a note providing guidance to owners and operators of UK registered ships on how to comply with the requirements of Part 7 of the Merchant Shipping (Maritime Labour Convention) Regulations 2014.

Part 7 of the Merchant Shipping (Maritime Labour Convention) Regulations 2014 is included in the UK law Regulation 3.1 of the Maritime Labour Convention, 2006.

For ships constructed before the MLC Minimum Requirements Regulations came into force, the requirements relating to ship construction and equipment that are included previous Regulations will continue to apply unless the crew accommodation is substantially altered.

The note provides suggestions for operators to ensure the crew’s safety, which amongst others, include the following:

All structures, furniture and fittings and means of access to and egress from the crew accommodation should be so situated, constructed and arranged as to minimise any risk of injury to the crew.
The arrangements for the storage, distribution and utilisation of gaseous fuel should reduce to a minimum the risk of fire or explosion within the crew accommodation.
Entrance to crew accommodation from the open deck should be protected against the weather and sea to the greatest possible extent practicable.
Unless no other arrangement is reasonably practicable, steam supply and exhaust pipes for steering gear, winches and similar equipment should not pass through crew accommodation.
In all ships in which a heating system is required, the heating should be by means of hot water, warm air, electricity, steam or equivalent. However, within the accommodation area, steam should not be used as a medium for heat transmission.
Any manholes leading into drinking and fresh water storage tanks, and all pipes and other part of the distribution systems should be constructed to allow for efficient maintenance and prevention of contamination.
Dry provision store rooms should be situated, constructed and ventilated in order to minimise the risk of deterioration of the stores through heat, draught, condensation or infestation by insects or vermin.
The arrangement of the entrance, berths, lighting, ventilation, heating and water supply should be designed to ensure that the comfort and facilitate the treatment of the occupants.

Regulation 31 of the Merchant Shipping Regulations 2014 mentions that vessels of less than 200 Gross Tonnes may be exempt by the Secretary of State of all or some of the requirements of the crew accommodation provisions.

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Source : UK MCA


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