140/17/Gen.Inf. Alternative methods for lifeboat drills on MOUs

The Republic of the Marshall Islands (RMI) has issued notice to explain the requirements for accepting alternative methods of conducting lifeboat drills on Mobile Offshore Units (MOUs). In doing so, it also establishes criteria for the application of International Maritime Organization (IMO) Circular MSC.1/Circ.1486 and its provisions.

Lifeboat drills are intended to test and verify that the emergency life-saving system and its associated equipment are in place, in good working order, and ready for use. The drills are also necessary to train and evaluate the crew in the use of the equipment and demonstrate that they have the capability and readiness to manage an emergency in which lifeboats are employed.

In recognition of the need for MOUs to achieve these objectives regularly and safely even when launch and maneuver of the boat would be hazardous, the 2009 MODU Code was amended to allow for alternatives. It specifically provides:

alternatively, the provisions regarding launching and maneuvering may be considered as having been met for those units that have, (a) implemented the Guidelines developed by the Organization and they are included in the unit’s operating procedures or, (b) by other equivalent means acceptable to the Administrator.

Each lifeboat shall be launched and maneuvered in the water by its assigned crew, at least once in every three (3) months, during an abandon ship drill, and the crew shall be exercised in the use of oars and other means of propulsion where fitted.

RMI said that it has authorized its Recognized Organizations (ROs) to review and accept alternative methods for lifeboat launching and maneuvering drills in its implementation of the amendments to the 2009 MODU Code.

Further details may be found by reading related Marine Notice

Source : RMI


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