142/18/Gen.Inf. PMA- CIRCULAR NO. MMC 136- 258- 261- 352- 368

Dear Sirs/ Madams,

The purpose of the present newsletter is to update your good office with the latest issued or amended PMA circulars, as below:

Circular No. 136

The purpose of this circular is to inform the list of Recognized Organizations (RO’s) authorized for the conduction of survey and certification of Panama flagged vessels.

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Circular No. 258

Considering the adoption of the MSC.1/Circ.1277 of 23 May 2008, through Resolution No. 106OMI-83-DGMM of 14 October 2011, Interim Recommendation on Conditions for Authorization of Service Providers for Lifeboats, Launching Appliances and on-load Release Gear, which recommend governments to ensure that the thorough examination, operational testing, repair, and overhaul of lifeboats, launching appliances and on-load release gear were carried out in accordance with SOLAS regulation III/20 by service providers that are qualified in these operations for each make and type of equipment for which they provide the service.

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Circular No. 261

The purpose of this Circular is to reiterate all users of the Panamanian Registry the mandatory submission of the Medical Certifications of Seafarers when apply for certification or endorsement.

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Circular No. 352

The purpose of this Merchant Marine Circular is to inform the List of P & I Clubs or Insurers recognized by this Administration for the issuance of the financial securities according to the amendments of the MLC, 2006.

Explore more by reading the List of Approved P& I Clubs/ Insurers – MLC

Circular No. 368

The purpose of this Circular is to inform all users of the Panamanian Registry about the List of Certificates that has been already issued by this Administration as Electronic Certificates according to the Guidelines (for the use of electronic certificates), adopted by the International Maritime Organization by the Facilitation Committee (for the use of electronic certificates) through the FAL.5/Circ.39/Rev.2 of 20 April 2016, in order to facilitate the use and acceptance of electronic certificates on board.

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Thank you & Best Regards,

Eng. Dimitrios Nikolaos Spanos
Lead Maritime Auditor / Principal Surveyor
Member of IRCA, IIMS, ELINT, HELMEPA & Nautical Institute

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