143/18/Gen.Inf. Asian Gypsy Moth

The Asian Gypsy Moth (AGM) is a highly destructive forest pest that feeds on both deciduous and coniferous trees. The voracious appetite of AGM larvae (caterpillars) coupled with the ability of the female moth to travel up to 21 nautical miles can cause widespread defoliation leaving trees weakened and susceptible to disease and other pests.

AGM is found in the Far East with a high risk of AGM egg infestation of vessels in Korea, Northern China (north of Shanghai; ports north of latitude 31˚15’N), and in particular the Russian Far East and Japan during the flight season of the female moth.

Due to the destructive nature of the AGM, the following countries, where the pest is not indigenous, have procedures in place to prevent the AGM entering on vessels and becoming established:

New Zealand
United States

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Source : West of England


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