159/17/Gen.Inf. IMO highlights Polar Code importance

IMO announced that IMO Polar Code took centre stage at the Arctic Council in Juneau, Alaska, United States, on 8-9 March, where IMO Secretary-General, Kitack Lim, delivered a speech on the importance of the Code and highlighted the safety of seafarers and the environmental protection as key elements of the Code.

The meeting unveiled its 2017-2019 programme, which focuses on addressing the effects of climate change and fostering sustainable development. Other key topics, such as scientific cooperation, renewable energy, protected areas, shipping, prevention of oils spills and marine biodiversity, were also discussed. The event also served to set the stage for the upcoming Ministerial meeting in Fairbanks, Alaska in May, at which the United States will pass the Chair of the Arctic Council to Finland.
The Polar Code is intended to cover the full range of shipping-related matters relevant to navigation in waters surrounding the two poles – ship design, construction and equipment, operational and training concerns, search and rescue, and, equally important, the protection of the unique environment and eco-systems of the polar regions.
The following infographic explains in which way the IMO Polar Code protects the environment:


Source & Image Credit:: IMO


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