Offshore Corporates Services


An offshore company is a legal entity registered according to the rules of a particular country or jurisdiction, performing its business outside the country or jurisdiction in which it is registered.

Clients mostly due to minimal compliance requirements, taxation relief and discretion, choose the formation of an offshore corporation.

Our highly professional team may easily simplify the complex task of choosing a jurisdiction, which commonly depends from a number of parameters. IMC GROUP P.C. key personnel have an in-depth knowledge of each jurisdiction we work with, and have been successfully assisting customers create and manage offshore companies since 1981′s.

Our mission is to provide consultation on formation of corporation by listening our customers’ needs in order to direct those interested going “offshore” effectively to the most suitable jurisdiction. In addition we provide tailor-made advice to our clients, fully integrating to the latest laws.

For Panama, Liberia, Belize, Tuvalu, Delaware, British Virgin Islands (BVI), Ireland, Hong-Kong, Cyprus, Bahamas, Marshall Islands etc. Offshore corporations / jurisdictions following major services may be provided*:

• Amendment of Articles of incorporation;
• Change corporation data (Name, BOD etc.);
• Corporate Franchise Taxes;
• Dissolution of Corporation;
• Formation of New Corporations;
• Good Standing Certificate;
• Legalization of company’s documentation;
• Nominee Share Holder or Director;
• Re-activation of Corporation;
• Resident Agent;

• Sale of Shelf / ready-made Corporation;

*Services might not be applicable / available to certain jurisdictions


IMC GROUP P.C. main advantages are but certainly not limited to following:

• Competitive Price Policy;
• Confidentiality for our customers;
• Commitment to professionalism, continuous improvement & quality;
• Fast and reliable service;

• Integrity & Due Diligence and Best business practice;
• Tailor-made Corporation Consultation;
• Updated with latest & forthcoming laws;