Vessel Registration Services

Ships, Yachts and Offshore Structures Registration


Vessels’ Registration, the process by which a ship, a yacht or an offshore structure is documented and given nationality of the country that the ship has been documented to, is one of the main core activities of IMC GROUP P.C.

Our team, with a comprehensive and with “in depth knowledge” on “open” registries, known as “flags of convenience”, the industry standards and applicable regulations, provides consultation to our customers on the decision of “which is the right flag(s)/registry”, taking into consideration a number of parameters such as vessel’s type, age, manning, taxation, area of trading, flags’ performance etc.

Once the choice of flag has been decided, our clients have a reliable and professional consultant, to guide through the registration process, the documentary requirements and to ensure for appropriate registration of their property in a fast, smoothly, reliable and professional manner.

Our expertise include registrations of common types of second hand vessels such as Bulk Carrier, General Cargo, Tanker, Ro-Ro, Tug, Supply Ferries, Yachts as well as more specialized types & registration processes such as New Buildings and MODU.

Our location, Athens – Hellas (GR), enables us to be in the heart of shipping industry and work with a number of open registries such as, but not limited to Panama, Liberia, Malta, Belize, Kiribati, Honduras, Jordan, St Vincent, Tunalu and others.

IMC GROUP P.C. offers a number of “open” registries for ships registration. Major ship registration services may be summarized but not limited to following:

Types of Registration

• Provisional Registration; • Maintenance/Renewal of  registry;
• Extension of Registration; • Parallel Registration (Bareboat Charter In/Out);
• Permanent Registration; • Single Voyage (Special) Registration;
• Change of Ownership and/or vessel’s name; • Deletion from Ship Registry;


Registration Certification

• Certificate of Registry; • Minimum Safe Manning;
• Ship Station Radio License; • Registration of Mortgage
• Ownership or Title of ownership;


 Registry Services

• Deletion Certificate • Assignment of Radio Accounting Authority-RAA
• Discharge of Mortgage • Application for Annual Taxes Discount
• Application for Registry Discount • Vessel’s Registry Agent/Legal Representative
• Change of Operators • Change of particulars
• IMARSAT Activation / Deactivation / Update  • Consent to Sale Certificate
• Transcript of Registry
• Official Receipt for Vessel annual taxes
• Certificate of Non Encumbrances
• Certificate of Liens and Encumbrances


Registry related Certification / Documentation

• Continuous Synopsis Record (CSR) • Official Receipt for Vessel annual taxes
• CLC for Oil Pollution Damage (92) • Exemptions
• CLC for Bunker Oil Pollution Damage (2001) • Authorization Letters
• CLC for Wreck Removal (WRC 2015)
• Deletion Certificate
• Dispensation Letters