Class Surveys

Inspection on behalf of Classification Societies.



Although Classification services are not mandatory, under the International Maritime Organization regime, they are a valuable insurance tool for the shipping community.

IMC GROUP P.C., provides Classification services (through constituted collaboration agreements with “Classification Societies”) in accordance with the Rules & Regulations of the Classification Societies.

IMC GROUP P.C., technical personnel, have been assigned as “Class Surveyors”, and are authorized to attend vessels, perform surveys and issue class certificates.

List of Classification Certificates that can be offered:

• Certificate Hull
• Certificate Machinery
• Classification Certificate for Boiler
• Classification Certificate for non Self propelled Vessels
• Classification Certificate for Reefer
• Classification Certificate for Bottom/Propellers/Shafts/Rudders
• Towing Certificate
• Seaworthiness Certificate
• Bolard Pull Certificate