Incident Investigation / Casualty Inspection

Appointments as casualty investigations of Flag State Administrations.



Our key personnel maritime professionals are specialised Marine Casualty investigators with assignments in major casualties investigation on behalf of Flag State Administration. Recent marine casualty investigations included, but not limited to following type of marine casualties;

Collision Investigation (M/V “PACIFIC HIGHWAY” 2016, M/V “SUNROAD YATSUKSA” 2014, M/T “CS CRANE” 2013, M/V “BARU SATU” 2013, M/V “MSC MAGNIFICA” 2013, M/V “ERK” 2011, M/V “MOUNT ATHOS” 2010)

Sunk Investigation (M/V “TIAN YUN” 2013, M/V “DILI STAR”, 2010)

Grounding Investigation (M/V “NEW KATERINA” 2016, M/V “NEW MYKONOS” 2016, M/V “SUAT BEY” 2014, M/V “BRIGHT ROYAL” 2013, M/V “NOVA D” 2013, M/V “FGM COMMANDER” 2011)

Machinery Failure Investigation (M/V “TAI AN” 2013, M/V “FRANCONIA” 2013)

Fire Investigation -

Personal Injury / Fatality Investigation (M/V “ZEUS I” 2017, M/V “PACIFIC INFINITY” 2017, M/V “PRIMROSE ACE” 2016, M/V “GROWING” 2014, M/T “ASPAM SAMRAT” 2013, M/V “KUROBE” 2013, M/V “IRON PHOENIX” 2013)