Statutory Surveys

Inspection / audits and issuance of certificates on behalf of Flag State Administrations.



IMC GROUP P.C., is manned with a group of Marine Technical professionals that consist of ex-Masters Mariners, Marine Engineers, Naval Architects, Lead Maritime Auditors, and Maritime Administrators that mutually cover every technical or administrative aspect with respect to surveys / audits and certification on behalf of Flag Administrations.

Technical personnel of IMC GROUP P.C., are proper qualified in compliance with IMO Resolution A.789(18) / certified, and continuously trained (in house and by attending training seminars), with respect to the latest maritime regulations.

As a result of the above they have been approved as “Surveyors / Auditors” from a number “Recognized Organization”, and are fully authorized to perform surveys-audits and issue relative statutory certificates on behalf of Flag State Administration.

Furthermore, IMC GROUP P.C., through constituted collaboration agreements with “Recognized Organizations”, can offer following Statutory services / certificates on behalf of the Flag Administrations of Panama, Liberia, Belize, Honduras, Jordan, Kiribati and Tongo.

List of Statutory Certificates that can be offered:

• Anti-fouling System Certificate (AFS)
• Caribbean Cargo Ship Safety (CASS)
• Cargo Gear (CG)
• Cargo Ship Radiotelephony (for under 300 Grt)
• Cargo Ship Safety (for under 500 Grt)
• Cargo Ship Safety Construction (CSSC)

Cargo Ship Safety Equipment (CSSE)
Cargo Ship Safety Radio (CSSR)
• Certificate of Compliance for Solid Bulk Cargoes CSDG)
• Certificate of Fitness for Offshore Supply Vessels (CFOSV)
• Compliance for the Carriage of Dangerous Goods (CCSG)
• Condition Assessment Scheme (CAS)
• Crew Accommodation Inspection (CICA)
• Document of Authorization for Carriage of Grain (DACG)
• Document of Compliance (DOC)
• Exemption / Authorization Letters / Dry Dock Extentions / Special Permits
• Fishing Vessel Safety (FVS)
• Fitness for Carriage of Liquefied Gases in Bulk (FCLG)
• Fitness for Carriage of Dangerous Chemicals in Bulk (FCDC)
• Garbage Pollution Prevention (GPPC)
High Speed Craft Safety (HSCS)
International Oil Pollution Prevention (I0PP)
International Air Pollution Prevention (IAPP)
International Sewage Pollution Prevention (ISPP)
International Load Line (ILL)
• International Ship Security (ISSC)
• International Tonnage (ITC 69)
• International Pollution Prevention for Carriage of Nox. Liq. Subst. (IPPC)
• MLC 2006 Certification (MLC2006)
Mobile Offshore Unit Safety (MODU)
Passenger Ship Safety (PSS)
Panama Canal Tonnage (PCT)
Pleasure Craft Safety (PCS)
Safety Management Certificate (SMC)
Seaworthiness / Condition Certificate