Technical Services

Technical StudiesShipboard Manuals & Vessel Drawings.


having the appropriate Marine Technical Experts/Naval Architects, and having invested in technical software, has been successfully involved in the field of elaboration of technical studies, shipboard manuals and vessels drawings, in accordance to IMO regulations and codes.

The main advantages of IMC GROUP P.C., in this field, are the Cost Effective Solutions, Tailor Made Technical Studies, Fast and Straight Forward Procedures.

Our company services in the elaboration and approval* of technical studies, shipboard manuals and vessels drawings are listed below:


• Anchor Handling Manual (Elaboration)
• Asbestos Management Plan (Elaboration)
• Ballast Water Management Plan (Elaboration/ Approval*)
• Biofouling Management Plan (Elaboration)
• Cargo Securing Manual (Elaboration/ Approval*)
• COW Manual
• Damage Stability Manual (Elaboration/ Approval*)
• Discharge Rate of Untreated Sewage (Elaboration/ Approval*)
• ECDIS Logbook (Elaboration)
• Emergency Towing Manual (ETM) (Elaboration)
• Enclosed Space Entry Training Manual
• Fire / Safety SOLAS Training Manual (Elaboration / Approval*)
• Freeboard Calculation Booklet (Elaboration/Approval*)
• Fuel Oil Management Plan (Elaboration)new
• Garbage Management Plan (Elaboration/Approval*)
• Grain Loading manual (Approval*)
• Intact Stability Manual (Elaboration/ Approval*)
• ITC-69
Tonnage Calculate Booklet (Elaboration/Approval*)
• Loading / Unloading Manual (Elaboration/ Approval*)
• Medical Record Booknew

• MLC 2006 manual (Elaboration)
• Non tank vessel response plan (Elaboration)
• Polar Manualnew

• QMS ISO 9001:2015 Manual (Elaboration)
• QMS ISO 9001:14000 Manual (Elaboration)
• QMS ISO 50001 Manual (Elaboration)
• Recovery of Persons from Water (Elaboration)
• Risk Assessments Scenarios / Manual (Elaboration)
• Safety Management System Manual (Elaboration/ Approval*)
• Seafarer Recruitment & Placement Services Providers Manual, in accordance with MLC, 2006 (Elaboration/ Approval*)

• Search & Rescue Manual (Elaboration)
• Ship Efficiency Energy Plan (Elaboration)
• Ship Security Plan (Elaboration/ Approval*)

• Ship Security Assessment (Elaboration/ Approval*)
SOPEP / PCSOPEP / SMPEP Manual (Elaboration/ Approval*)
• Tank Vessel Management & Self Assessment (Elaboration/ Approval*)
• Vector Management Plan
• Verified Gross Mass – VGMnew
• Vessel General Permit (Elaboration)
• Volatile Organic Compound (Elaboration)

Washington State Contingency Plan (Elaboration)


• Capacity Plan (Elaboration)
• Damage Control Plan (Elaboration/ Approval*)
• Evacuation Plan (Elaboration/Approval*)
• Fire & Life Saving Plan (Elaboration/ Approval*)new
• General Arrangement Plan (Elaboration/Approval*)

*Review/Approval on behalf of Flag State Administration can be arranged through our company constitute elaboration agreements with “recognised organisations”