Core Values


C1.1.    IMC GROUP P.C. personnel should not allow UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES their professional judgment or actions to be influenced by external pressures, of whatsoever nature or source, that are contradicting to any part of the present Code of Ethics, or to national and international regulations and IMC GROUP P.C. instructions.

C1.2.    IMC GROUP P.C. personnel should not aim to achieve any personal or irregular profits of whatsoever, from the performance and practice of company activities.

C1.3.    IMC GROUP P.C. personnel should execute every possible effort in order to secure the accuracy and integrity on their tasks and especially of the data indicated in their reports, the collection of required supporting evidences and the conclusion of their professional judgment on accurate objective evidences.

C1.4.    IMC GROUP P.C. personnel should not perform any kind of tasks on behalf of IMC GROUP P.C., without having prior properly request authorization and have receive written instructions.

C1.5.    IMC GROUP P.C. surveyors & auditors should not override the authority assigned to them, in the sense that they should not extend the survey to items / parts not included in their instructions. However, should a surveyor or auditor identifies serious defects that may affect the sea worthiness or safety of the ship and environment, even if such defects are not items of his / her particular project / survey, then the surveyor or auditor has the professional obligation to notify IMC GROUP P.C. immediately, and wait for further instructions.

C1.6.    In the event that during a survey the IMC GROUP P.C. surveyor or auditor identifies major deficiencies that have a serious impact to the seaworthiness, safety of the crewmember, ship or environment, then the surveyor or auditor should inform IMC GROUP P.C. by the appropriate list of deficiencies immediately & wait for further instructions.


C2.1.    IMC GROUP P.C. employees, surveyors, auditors and agents should keep a respectful, professional with well-defined boundaries relationship with the clients. Relationship should be in a appropriate state that it is not an obstacle for the performance of their duties, avoiding at the same time development of personal friendship, which may raises potential “complication”

C2.2.    IMC GROUP P.C. personnel should never accept or undertake or perform any additional work, that could be assigned to them by the client (or third parties) directly, without prior having obtained the written authority (and relative assignment) of the IMC GROUP P.C..

C2.3.    Documentation related to company activities, as well as client data, should be considered as top confidential and should not be released to third parties, unless IMC GROUP P.C. written instructions provided.

C2.4.    Whenever a client try to interfere or even to mislead the surveyor or auditor during the course of a survey, then the surveyor or auditor should politely explain that his / her professional obligations are defined by the regulatory frameworks, marine practice, Code of Ethics as well as the IMC GROUP P.C. instructions & procedures, and stay focused on the proper performance of the survey. If however the clients or personnel of vessel continue to have a negative attitude, then the surveyor or auditor should suspend survey or audit & inform IMCS in order to receive the necessary assistance.

C2.5.    During the course of a survey or audit the IMC GROUP P.C. surveyor should make every possible effort in order not to delay the vessel’s schedule unreasonable, and not to interfere with the routine work onboard provided. This off course has to be archived without any compromise on the applicable regulations and principals instructions, neither to the time / items required for the completion of the survey.  


C3.1.    All IMC GROUP P.C. personnel should act and consider themselves as part of the same team. The objective of the team is to be in compliance with the quality policy and procedures of IMC GROUP P.C. and to implement the present Code of Ethics.

C3.2.    IMC GROUP P.C. personnel should co-operate with their colleagues and supervisors, and assist each other for performing their duties and achieving the company’s objectives.

C3.3.    IMC GROUP P.C. personnel are obliged to avoid personal liabilities in case of doubts or un-satisfaction. In such cases employees should report to IMC GROUP P.C. and wait for further instruction and authorization.

C3.4.    IMC GROUP P.C. personnel should not criticize or expose any member of the company or clients, to a third party. Furthermore, personnel should not take any action which could be harmful to the company / member, or clients, or competitors, unless such an action is absolutely necessary (e.g. for safety purposes) and authorized by IMC GROUP P.C.

C3.5.    IMC GROUP P.C. personnel has to be punctual and with appropriate protection clothing / equipment to pay the appropriate attention to their personal safety and should avoid any kind of safety risks, either, being realized that the most important issue is to perform his/her duties, safely.

C3.6.    IMC GROUP P.C. personnel should not practice their duties during a period when his / her judgment might be impaired through any cause and will endeavor to avoid actions, which may lead to discredit of the IMC GROUP P.C.

C3.7.    IMC GROUP P.C. personnel are encouraged and should bring to the attention of top management any documented proposal that its implementation may improve the application of the present code or its practice or the quality of the principal’s services in general.

C3.8.     IMC GROUP P.C. personnel should not knowingly undetermined the quality or reputation of competitors by distributing false information or misrepresentation, and shall keep the competition to the standards of the quality of services.

C3.9.     IMC GROUP P.C. surveyors & auditors should consider all submitted information including but not limited to certificates, survey reports, stamps, and other technical, commercial or strategic information to be property of IMC GROUP P.C. and the contents or copies shall not be made available to another party without the authorization of IMC GROUP P.C.