IMC GROUP P.C. believes that due to the fact that one of the organization’s major task is to perform marine surveys / audits, the surveyors’ / auditors’ attendances & performances reflects directly to the integrity of surveys, the safety of vessel & crew on board, the environment, as well as the reputation of the company.

For the above purpose IMC GROUP P.C. has established the present Code of Ethics (in addition to the quality policy) that is to be used as “a term of reference“ & as “a guidance” from all IMC GROUP P.C. personnel. The compliance with the present Code of Ethics is an assistance to the marine surveyors & auditors and clients, whilst on the same time is mandatory to every person within IMC GROUP P.C., because it outlines the very basic and most valuable principles in achieving the integrity, professionalism competence and quality of services provided.

This is why every employee, surveyor, auditors, agent, associated or collaborate person of IMC GROUP P.C. is requested to read, understand and sign a copy of the present, in order to declare and confirm his/her commitment towards the objectives and practices set herein. In this sense, the present Code of Ethics is a “Work’s Companion” to everyone conducting or on behalf of IMC GROUP P.C.