Quality Policy

IMC GROUP P.C., is a specialized consultancy firm that has been established in Greece in the year of 2013, by professional Marine and Maritime consultants with long experience and know how in the Maritime sector. The Hellenic Nationality firm, is “Private Company”, which according to its constitutional document is providing a number of Technical, Legal, Management Consultation, in the Maritime Sector.

Our target is


Our targets, missions and objectives, are incorporated throughout a documented quality management system (QMS), which we have developed and implement. Our company (QMS) incorporates procedures, forms and reports that safeguard the regulatory systems, dedicates a continuous improvement of the management and ensures commitment for high quality of services. Our documented quality management system is in the process to be certified to BS EN ISO 9001:2015 by an independent accredited organization.

In order to materialize our mission, we at IMC GROUP P.C. have set our company policy, which include the following:

  • We consider our customers as the most valuable asset of our organization. We pay attention to our customers needs in order to understand each customer’s requirements, and we always treat them with professionalism, fairness and respect.
  • We provide services, which conform to the applicable, international and national regulations that safeguard the safety of life at sea, the property and the environmental protection. We also provide services, which conform to the requirements of our customers, provided always requirements are in accordance of the applicable maritime regulatory systems.
  • We deliver our services on time and with no defects, and we are supporters of the philosophy “time is money”.
  • We deliver our services with straightforward procedures and without any hidden costs, building “long last” business relationships.
  • We always remain on edge and up to date with developments of regulatory issues, the upgrade of our technical expertise;
  • The responsibility for quality lies within everyone in the company including the Managing Director, Managers, Department Officers and Staff.
  • When the customer’s requirements have been clearly established it is up to each and every person in the company to ensure that his or her obligations towards the quality system and towards the customers’ requirements are met. It is also necessary for each and every person within the company to test and verify that their work is completed correctly and according to company policy / procedures, the applicable marine regulatory systems as well as customer requirements.
  • We implement a Quality Management System, which is continuously monitored, improved and reviewed in respect to our needs, national and international regulations and ensure customers’ suitability.
  • To give our customers that extra assurance, the Quality Manager is in charge with the duty of managing the quality system which enables the company to provide a standard of excellence to our customers by producing the evidence that this has occurred and goes on continuously. To this end the company has implemented and maintain a Quality Management System which complies with the requirements of ISO 9001:2015.

The quality objective of IMC GROUP P.C., is to provide to all our customers services that are in accordance with the following (mentioned in turn of priority)

Client request/requirement.
• Company’s quality system.

International and national regulations.
Principal’s instructions.

Quality Manager
Alexandros Spanos