IMC GROUP P.C. is manned with a group of Marine Experts with long term experience in Maritime Administration.


Ships, Yachts and Offshore Structures Registration
Vessels’ Registration, the process by which a ship, a yacht or an offshore structure is documented and given nationality of the country that the ship has been documented to, is one of the main core activities of IMC GROUP P.C.

Our team, with a comprehensive and with “in depth knowledge” on “open” registries, known as “flags of convenience”, the industry standards and applicable regulations, provides consultation to our customers on the decision of “which is the right flag(s)/registry”, taking into consideration a number of parameters such as vessel’s type, age, manning, taxation, area of trading, flags’ performance etc.

Once the choice of flag has been decided, our clients have a reliable and professional consultant, to guide through the registration process, the documentary requirements and to ensure for appropriate registration of their property in a fast, smoothly, reliable and professional manner.

Our expertise include registrations of common types of second hand vessels such as Bulk Carrier, General Cargo, Tanker, Ro-Ro, Tug, Supply Ferries, Yachts as well as more specialized types & registration processes such as New Buildings and MODU.

Our location, Athens – Hellas (GR), enables us to be in the heart of shipping industry and work with a number of open registries such as, but not limited to Panama, Liberia, Malta, Belize, Kiribati, Honduras, Jordan, St Vincent, Tunalu and others.

IMC GROUP P.C. offers a number of “open” registries for ships registration. Major ship registration services may be summarized but not limited to following:

Types of Registration

  • Provisional Registration
  • Extension of Registration
  • Permanent Registration
  • Change of Ownership and/or vessel’s name
  • Maintenance/Renewal of registry
  • Parallel Registration (Bareboat Charter In/ Out)
  • Single Voyage (Special) Registration
  • Deletion from Ship Registry

Registration Certification

  • Certificate of Registry
  • Ship Station Radio License
  • Ownership or Title of ownership
  • Minimum Safe Manning
  • Registration of Mortgage

Registry Services

  • Deletion Certificate
  • Discharge of Mortgage
  • Application for Registry Discount
  • Change of Operators
  • IMARSAT Activation / Deactivation / Update
  • Transcript of Registry
  • Certificate of Non Encumbrances
  • Assignment of Radio Accounting Authority-RAA
  • Application for Annual Taxes Discount
  • Vessel’s Registry Agent/Legal Representative
  • Change of particulars
  • Consent to Sale Certificate
  • Official Receipt for Vessel annual taxes
  • Certificate of Liens and Encumbrances

Registry related Certification/ Documentation

  • Continuous Synopsis Record (CSR)
  • CLC for Oil Pollution Damage (92)
  • CLC for Bunker Oil Pollution Damage (2001)
  • CLC for Wreck Removal (WRC 2015)
  • Dispensation Letters
  • Official Receipt for Vessel annual taxes
  • Exemptions
  • Authorization Letters
  • Deletion Certificate


An offshore company is a legal entity registered according to the rules of a particular country or jurisdiction, performing its business outside the country or jurisdiction in which it is registered.

Clients mostly due to minimal compliance requirements, taxation relief and discretion, choose the formation of an offshore corporation.

Our Team may easily simplify the complex task of choosing a jurisdiction, which commonly depends from a number of parameters. IMC GROUP P.C. personnel have an in-depth knowledge of each jurisdiction, and have been successfully assisting customers to create and manage offshore companies since 1981′s.

Our mission is to provide Consultation on the formation of a Corporation, in order to direct those interested in going “offshore” effectively to the most suitable jurisdiction. In addition, we provide tailor-made advice to our clients, fully integrated to the latest laws.

For Panama, Liberia, Belize, Tuvalu, Delaware, British Virgin Islands (BVI), Ireland, Hong-Kong, Cyprus, Bahamas, Marshall Islands etc.

Offshore corporations / jurisdictions following major services may be provided*:
  • Amendment of Articles of incorporation
  • Change corporation data (Name, BOD etc.)
  • Corporate Franchise Taxes
  • Dissolution of Corporation
  • Formation of New Corporations
  • Good Standing Certificate
  • Legalization of company’s documentation
  • Nominee Share Holder or Director
  • Re-activation of Corporation
  • Resident Agent
  • Sale of Shelf / ready-made Corporation
*Services might not be applicable/ available to certain jurisdictions.

IMC GROUP P.C. main advantages are as follows:
  • Competitive Price Policy
  • Confidentiality for our customers
  • Commitment to professionalism, continuous improvement & quality
  • Fast and reliable service
  • Integrity & Due Diligence and Best business practice
  • Tailor-made Corporation Consultation
  • Updated with latest & forthcoming laws


Handling of Seafarers Endorsements
Seafarer’s certification, whether for a Flag state endorsement on national certificate of competency, or the format of a medical form accompanying the application or simply a review on the documentation of seafarer, is a complex and time consuming process.

IMC GROUP P.C. human resources are leading experts to process applications and provide cost effective, reliable and professional services to seafarers in obtaining endorsements, licenses and seaman books under Flag Administration, for officers and ratings.

IMC GROUP P.C. provides handling services for Flag states endorsements for following flags:
  • Panama
  • Belize
  • Honduras
  • Liberia
  • Kiribati
  • Malta
  • St. Vincent

In addition, IMC GROUP P.C., has developed agreements with Seafarers Training Centers in order to facilitate seafarers in the event that a seafarers document requires re-validation, or a requirement is not fulfill and seafarer should undergo certain training to obtain certificate.

List of services provided for seafarers endorsement certification are listed below:
  • Endorsement certificate for Chemical courses
  • Endorsement certificate for Cook certificate in compliance with MLC 2006
  • Endorsement certificate for Designated Security Duties (VI/6-2)
  • Endorsement certificate for GMDSS
  • Endorsement certificate for Officers
  • Endorsement certificate for Ratings
  • Endorsement certificate for Security Awareness Course (VI/6-1)
  • Endorsement certificate for SSO (VI/5)
  • Endorsement certificate for Tanker courses

The main advantages of IMC GROUP P.C. with respect to Endorsements of COC, Licenses are summarized as follows:
  • Clients’ submit documents in electronic format
  • Endorsements & registrations are issued within 24hrs (upon full submission of documentary requirements)
  • For special cases issuance of provisional Panama endorsements within few hours, upon request, with no extra charges
  • Monitor & Follow up procedures for Flag State in order to be up-to-date and monitor and follow up for safe receipt of permanent endorsements
  • No hidden fees
  • Straight forward procedures