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April 3, 2023
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April 4, 2023
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IMO: GMDSS guidance for ships in distress situations

The Maritime Safety Committee, at its 106th session (2 to 11 November 2022), approved the revised GMDSS operating guidance for ships in distress situations, prepared by the Sub-Committee on Navigation, Communications and Search and Rescue (NCSR), at its ninth session (21 to 30 June 2022).

This circular provides guidance concerning the use of appropriate radiocommunication equipment in distress situations, in accordance with chapter IV of the International Convention for the Safety of Life at Sea, 1974. The Guidance in the annex is recommended to be displayed on ships’ bridges as an A4 size poster.

Member Governments are invited to bring the annexed Guidance to the attention of seafarers and all other parties concerned.

This circular becomes effective on 1 January 2024, superseding COM/Circ.108 as from that date.

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Published at 07/03/23

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