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May 23, 2022
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May 23, 2022
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Maritime compliance: IMO issues a new version of IMO “Procedures for Port State Control”

A new version of IMO “Procedures for port State control, 2021” has been issued under Resolution A. 1155(32) PROCEDURES FOR PORT STATE CONTROL, 2021 which revokes previous resolutions A.1138(31) and MEPC.321(74).   The resolution is intended to provide basic guidance on the conduct of port state control inspections in order to provide consistency in how such inspections are carried out and in the recognition of deficiencies of a ship, its equipment, or its crew.   Copy of these procedures is essential to be provided onboard.  

What is new?  

On 28 Jan, IMO published its Assembly resolution A. 1155(32) as adopted on 15 Dec 2021, containing a new version of the IMO Procedures for port State control, 2021.   Resolution A. 1155(32) revokes resolutions A.1138(31) and MEPC.321(74): Resolution A.1138(31) contains the older version of Procedures for port State control, 2019

MEPC.321(74) contains 2019 Guidelines for port State control under MARPOL Annex VI Chapter 3

What’s new in the revised resolution with Procedures for PSC (2021)?

The main chapters (1 to 5) of the procedures remain without changes. Some changes have been incorporated in the Appendices as follows:   Appendix 4 Guidelines for Investigations & Inspections carried out under MARPOL Annex II   Part 1 para. 1.6.4 reference updated to include Harmonized System of Survey and Certification 2021. Part 4 New para. 5.10 incorporated provisions for electronic record book (ERB) use and the provision of a stand-alone form or a copy of the surveyor’s report to accompany the electronic record book entry. An example form of Cargo Record Book Endorsement is included.
Appendix 7 Guidelines for Control of Operational requirements   This Appendix was totally reformed and categorized into two Parts:   Part 1: Initial ProcessPart 2: Guidance on Specific Inspection Activities  

For more details, you can download the full document here  
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