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New pollution prevention regulations in Yangtze River with effect from 1st March 2023

To prevent and control pollution from ships in the Yangtze River, the Shanghai Municipality and Jiangsu Province have enforced new regulations which came into effect from 1st March 2023.

Club Correspondent Huatai Marine has issued a new circular PNI[2023]03 giving guidance on the new requirements. The English and Mandarin versions of the circular are attached at the bottom of the page.

The applicable waters of Shanghai Regulations shall be: the navigable waters of Shanghai and the port waters under state authorized management (collectively referred to as the waters under the administration of Shanghai).

The applicable waters of Jiangsu Regulations shall be: the Yangtze River Waters in Jiangsu Province, which refers to Yangtze River main stream waters, including main stream bypaths, short-cut routes and its connecting harbour basin waters.

The new regulations refer to:

• Use of shore power

• Bunker quality standards

• Transfer of bulk liquid cargo

• Transfer of cargoes which emit toxic and harmful gases or dust

• Shipboard emergency plan

• Ballast water discharge

• Discharge of washing water and residues from EGCS

• Maintenance of the machinery

And prohibition on:

• Discharge of untreated sewage and oily water

• Sounding of ships whistle

• Use of incinerators

• Venting of toxic fumes

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Source: Huatai Marine

Published at 22/03/23

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